It's time once again for our wildly popular Valentine's Day event 50 Shades of Fear.  This year we have no idea what happened.  Our band of mischievous clowns has taken over the house and completely opened up the floor plan into a giant maze of haunted rooms.  You never know where they're coming from! We know the way in... but no one knows the way out.  ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!  In addition to the haunted house options are also available for a haunted dinner for two in what is rumored to be the most haunted building on the property.  Dinner will include a presentation from NT Paranormal on the findings of their paranormal investigation of the building.  You can join them at 11 pm each night for a real paranormal investigation that we've opened to the public.  Also, as an option with dinner you can enjoy a 45 minute version of our escape game.  Dinner, escape game, and investigation spots are all limited so book them today